Pharos is one of the most secretive and least known of the British Isleas and there is some dispute as to whether it even exists. Its location is hard to pinpoint. Some say it is a floating island, drifting away on the tide only to reappear in a different place. Others claim it is a bewitched isle that sometimes sinks below the waves, though how the resident population survives regular immersion is never explained. To add to the mystery, the area is prone to mists which spring up out of nowhere and vanish as quickly as they form.

Being uncharted it is particularly important for the island and surrounding rocks to be made as noticeable as possible to shipping and Pharos is unusually well endowed with lighthouses. The islanders regard their lighthouses as beacons, not only linking all sides of the island with light, but also shining out welcome to the outside world.

According to legend, Pharos takes its name from a mythical beast which is said to protect the island, emerging from the waves at times of danger or crisis. This strange creature is part lion, part fish and part bird and bears a flaming torch.

Pharos’ stamps are designed by Hilary Daniels and are available to lucky subscribers. It is intended that a new Lighthouse stamp (cover and sheet) will be available to subscribers every month from January 2010. There are sports/variations deliberately send to drive us to drink.  In keeping with the lighthouse theme these variations are known as “beamers”.  Stamps other than the Lighthouse series may also rise from the waves and we will, of course, report on those as well.

The capital of Pharos is Patience. It is as well to remember that when waiting for each new issue.

The table listing the issues is below. The stamps have separate pages in order to keep loading time down.

Lighthouse Stamps of Pharos

SK NumberTypeDescription
112p Nothe Lighthouse, Blue(s)
1SSheet of 36
1ba Seagull Beamer 1
1bbSeagull Beamer 2
1c2p used alone on cover
221p Loveless Head Lighthouse, Grey and Purple
2SSheet of 42
2bShifted doorway Beamer
2c1p used alone on cover
3310p Port Winstanley, Terracotta, Duck-egg Blue and Stone
3sSheet of 30
3bWindow in door Beamer
3c10p used alone on cover
4450p Hooper Island Lighthouse, Blue, Aquamarine, Sailcloth and Rust
4sSheet of 45
4b"Sail" Beamer (aka the "Invisible Beamer")
4w5Woodby's sponsorship insert.

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