Welsh Antarctic Daipendency

Wales lays claim to a 1,175,000 square mile of Antarctica based on similarities on the coastal outlines. Shepherds and scientists based there are trying to breed sheep that will survive the harshest of weather.

The definitive stamps are reminiscent of the first QEII issues of South Georgia and purely by accident, or fate was playing tricks, feature whales.

The decimalised issues, delayed by bad weather and/or a faulty compass on the supply ship are the £sd issues overprinted and re-valued. Some non-standard overprints are known.

Some non-standard overprints are known, and some apparently bogus issues supposedly announcing unilateral declaration of independence of the protectorate.

There have been few special issues, but those that have appeared commemorate ground-breaking events in this small community.

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Welsh Antarctic Daipendency

SK NumberTypeDescription
3422½d Blue. Incorrect Whale
35231d Brown. Hunchback Whale
36243d Green. Cadwaladr’s Whale
37256d Violet. Violet Whale
38261/- Magenta. Psychopath Whale
3922Surcharged 1p on ½d Blue
4023Surcharged 3p on 1d Brown
4124Surcharged 5p on 3d Green
4225Surcharged 10p on 6d Violet
432625p on 1/- Magenta
34 - 38cTwo or more of the issue on cover with Ewe and Me CDS dated 27/01/1969. Only 1 cover with all 5 exists.
4424Surcharged 4p on 3p Green
4525Surcharged 6p on 6d Violet
4623Surcharged 8p on 1d Brown
4726Surcharged 11p on 1/- Magenta
4822Surcharged 16p on ½d Blue
4923No. 46 with DUA bogus overprint
5024No. 36 surcharged 24p on 3p Green with DUA bogus overprint
51271979 10p Millennium Anniversary of Discovery of Antarctica by Idrid the Sick
52281989 20p 25 Years of Happy Harpooning Holidays
53291995 25p Flora of the Daipendency
54302009 55p Evan Thomas commemorative World Record Penguin Counter
54c2009 Evan Thomas First Month Cover with insert

aacover 34c

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