Elisha Chapel Post

For a decade from 1959 this rather strict and dour non-conformist church operated a private post for its congregations, lest their letters mix with those written by sinners. The postage cost 2d plus 1d for the church.

The stamps illustrations are typical of the subject matter of the 3 hour sermons beloved of the church’s ministers. There were 4 illustrations in subtle shades of grey with some differences between printings – notably the absence of value tablets on many stamps.

They surprised philatelists with a Christmas issue in 1967.

Elijah b 17  Elijah a 17 with value tablet

Dry Bones a 18  Leviathan 19

Horseman a 20  Xmas 21

Elisha Chapel Post

SK NumberTypeDescription
2517Elijah destroying the Messengers of Ahaziah – slightly reddish dark grey
26Ditto with 2d + 1d value tablet
2718The Vision of the valley of Dry Bones – slightly brownish dark grey
28Ditto with 2d + 1d value tablet
2919Destruction of Leviathon – slightly blueish dark grey
30Ditto with 2d + 1d value tablet
3120The Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse – slightly greenish dark grey
32Ditto with 2d + 1d value tablet
3321Christmas Nativity scene 2d + 2d value – an almost garish crimson compared to the other issues

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