2009 The £6175 stamps

Four high, nay massive, value stamps the meaning of which will be revealed – one day – perhaps.

Some prototypes were released earlier.  These were inkjet printed and deckle scissor ‘perforated’, each one consistently to a different design.

The finished stamps had the prototype designs modified and with a degree of colour modification.  Size mostly 43×38 mm or 40×34 mm.  Some stamps were printed with a white border around the base background; the stamps were regular size but  the design is reduced in size.  They were printed and perforated in the UK

19  5 pre 1
20  5 1p1

17  70pre2
18  70 2la

15  100pre3 16  100-23p1

16  emerald 100 3pl

13  6000pre4
14  60004p1

2009 The £6175 stamps

SK NumberTypeDescription
11£5 prototype shades of plum.. Deckled edge
1p1£5 perforated shades of dull plum
1p2£5 perforated shades of plum bright
1p3£5 perforated shades of plum bright with close double vertical perforations
1p4£5 perforated shades of plum deep
1l£5 perforated larger size shades of pink
22£70 prototype shades of green on ochre
2l£70 perforated larger size
2la£70 perforated shades of green on ochre Smaller image with white border
2lb£70 perforated shades of red and pink on very pale pink. Smaller image with white border
33£100 prototype shades of green on ochre
3ps£100 perforated small size. Green on Cream
3pl£100 perforated larger size. Green on Cream
3pl2£100 perforated larger size central pink glow
3pl3£100 perforate larger size Emerald
44£6000 prototype shades of rust red
4ps£6000 perforated small size shades of carmine
4pl£6000 perforated large size. Pink
4pl1£6000 perforated large size. Rust red

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