2009 The Penny Jacks

A single stamp issue; an amalgam of the classic Penny Black design and the Union Jack (yes we all know its really called the Union Flag).  The upper letter cartouches could be personalized.  Perforated and imperforated sheets could also be personalized with a message or slogan in the margin.  Size 26×22 mm Imperforate. Each sheet may contain one inverted stamp.

Designed by Colin Edwards and illustrated by Alan Batley the Penny Jack was produced for its fun, almost shock value (particularly among serious philatelists), taking an icon of stamp collecting and combining it with an icon of the Empire.  Sacrilege.  Doubled.

5 1

The Penny Jack

SK NumberTypeDescription
11Penny Jack single stamp
1cePenny Jack with CE letters
1abPenny Jack with AB letters
1spSheet of 12 Penny Jacks perforate
1siSheet of 12 Penny Jacks imperforate
1fFlyer for the sheet issues


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