2009 Penny Blank

The Institute of Designers, Engravers and Artists 1p Penny Blank

“These stamps celebrate the work of the backroom craftsmen who trained at trade workshops such as the Institute of Designers, Engravers and Artists and went on to contribute to many of the iconic stamps we love today.  As part of their training, each individual had to prove their worth at engraving the work of the stamp artists backwards, upside down, bolder, lighter – and were expected to learn how to repair plates, patch missing pieces of type and pattern, and generally keep the printing presses rolling, working individually or as part of a team.  Our Cinderella stamp reflects the progress of five such men, all skilled individuals whose handwork was taken for granted and whose names have since become lost in the mists of time.  This Cinderella stamp illustrates a critical stage in their training as they progress from engraving background patterns and borders to re-creating the artwork of the master draughtsmen at the centre of the designs.  It is my humble tribute to these now forgotten heroes who so successfully combined design, art and craft and without whom much of our postage stamp history and culture would be dull and forgettable. “
The stamps were printed in sheets of 25 with a central variation.  The bottom letter cartouches spelled PENNYBLANK across the sheet.  As part of the package was a Certificate of Competence for an apprentice engraver; this could be personalized.  Attached to this were four stamps; exercises in printing and engraving. 4 combinations were available, and some of these exercises were available either as single stamps in a little brown envelope, or as a ‘minisheet’ in a strip of 5.  250 first day covers were produced with a strip of 5 stamps, and a signed certificate of authenticity.  A double size stamp was issued in the Little Bits of Engraving bonus envelope.  Many variations of single stamps and strips were released.

PB 1
1 PB 1a 2

PB 1b
3 PB 1c 4

PB 1d

PB 1e

Penny Blanks

SK NumberTypeDescription
11Penny Blank single stamp 5 different bottom letter cartouchesPE NN YB LA or NK
1iPenny Blank imperforate
1mReversed background variation
1hPenny Blank with 2 horizontal selvedge - not from minisheet of 5
1sSheet of 25 with 5 different letter cartouches. Centre stamp is variation 1m.
1bStrip of 5 stamps from sheet in Penny Blank Strip of 5 Stamps envelope together with signed certificate.
1fFirst day cover with strip of 5 stamps and certificate of authenticity 100 made
1cCertificate of Competency with 4 printing exercise stamps attached 4 different combinations
1lEngravers' Bonus Envelope
1nGiant sized Penny Blank
1rPenny Blank dark blue
1rsDitto in a minisheet of 5
1tPenny Blank red
1tsDitto in a minisheet of 5
1uPenny Blank green, with guide dots
1usDitto in a minisheet of 5
1vPenny Blank turquoise
1vsDitto in a minisheet of 5
1wPenny Blank mid blue
1wiPenny Blank mid blue imperforate
1wsDitto in a minisheet of 5
1yGutter pair of Penny Blanks
22Black with silhouette head
2rRed with silhouette head
33Black with silhouette head inverted
3rRed with silhouette head inverted
3vBlack, Inverted head - mirrored frame
44Black with ghost head
4rRed with ghost head
55Black with faint outline head
5rRed with faint outline head
66Types 1 - 5 in a miniature sheet of 5
6rTypes 1 - 5 in red in a miniature sheet of 5
77Early Bird envelope

scan0012 1b

PB 1f

PB 1g



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