2008 St Hilary

2008 St Hilary Patron Saint of Patience

A pair of stamps valued 1p and 2p in honour of St Hilary.  But who was St Hilary?  Not the St Hilary of Poitiers, venerated by the Catholic Church and remembered in the name of a villages in Cornwall, Glamorgan and elsewhere, for that St Hilary was a bloke.  Patience is a clue, and there are probably some visual clues in the stamp design.

There were diamond shaped stamps with a common design, but with numerous variations per sheet. Size 6×6 mm across.

There were two diamond shaped stamps in a common design, but with numerous variations per sheet. Size 42×42 mm across.

common 1 Lipstick 1v1

Fingers 1nv2 Wink 1v3


1 and 1v2.  1v2 is the left-hand stamp.

St Hilary

SK NumberType Description
111p multicoloured
1v1The lipstick variation
1v2The fingers variation
1v3The wink variation
1v4The inverted variation making tete-beche pair with normal
1sSheet of 38 stamps with signed certificate of authenticity includes three variations and the inverted stamp
222p multicoloured
2v1The slipped halo variation
2v2The missing Little Brown Envelope variation
2v3The inverted image and text colour swap variation
2v4The slightly blurred variation
2v5The moderately blurred variation with darker text
2v6The very blurred variation
2v7The missing stamps variation
2v8The white stamp variation
2v9The no stamp and no LBEs variation
2v10The colour graded text variation
2v11The slightly graded text variation
2v12The darker blue text and tinted spectacles variation
2v13The paler blue text variation
2v14The blue triangle variation
2v15The missing value variation
2sSheet of 18 stamps

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