October 2009 Halloween

Following the success of the 2008 release ‘Dead Letter Office’ stamp, the All Hallows Post Office started a no-cost postal service to send letters to ‘the other side’ during Halloween only.  However, no responsibility was taken for any replies received!  Is there anybody there?

The issue is a single ‘no-fee’ stamp featuring Death in a mirror with a suitable gothic design.  The stamps were issued in sheets of 15, with a single mythprint included.  A single mounted stamp was made available in its own All Hallows skeletal turtle envelope.  There was also a bonus envelope with a single stamp mini-sheet.

Two covers were available. The standard cover had a single stamp, while the deluxe had both the common stamp and the mythprint as a pair. Both covers came with signed certificates of authenticity.

The issue was preceded by the release of a number of imperforate prototype designs with inscription Death of Stamps.

A Stampsmyth production designed by Colin Edwards


October 2009 Halloween

SK NumberTypeDescription
66Single stamp. Dark green shading to brown
6eSkeletal turtle envelope
6mThe mythprint Death is mirrored
6sSheet of 15 stamps
6pSingle stamp in mount
6msSingle stamp in miniature sheet
6lBonus envelope containing 5ms
6cStandard cover with CoA
6dDeluxe cover with CoA limited to 10
77Prototype inscribed Dearth of Stamps. Carmine
88Prototype inscribed Death of Stamps. Green
99Prototype inscribed Death of Stamps. Green and gold
1010Prototype inscribed Death of Stamps. Purple
1111Prototype inscribed Death of Stamps Gold
1212Prototype inscribed Tod der Stempel Green
1313Prototype inscribed La Muerte de Sellos

image219 8

image221 6e


image225 6d

tod der stempel 12

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