2009 Wadfest. Music to die for

The Wadstock events are a family-friendly meeting of Discworld fans held yearly during August in Nottinghamshire, UK.  The 2009 theme was based around the Soul Music Discworld novel, so naturally the Grim Reaper was bound to be involved.

A pair of stamps were issued.  The 1 Wad depicting an hour-glass with music running out, while the 5 Wad showed Death playing his ‘geetar’.  Sizes are 32 x 26 mm and 47 x 37 mm respectively.  Both were perf 15 and were printed in A5 size sheets of 9.

There were 100 covers prepared with signed certificates of authenticity.  An A4 proof sheet included original artwork and colour trials of the stamps.  A pair of single stamps were available in a folder, while those ordering could qualify for a Big Thank You envelope containing extra stamps, including colour tests and their mythprints.  Orders also had a Bought at Wadfest label attached.

Illustrated by Alan Batley and designed by Colin Edwards

image201 3

image203 4

2009 Wadfest Music to die for

SK NumberTypeDescription
331 Wad The Day the Music Died. Turquoise and brown
3mMythprint inverted timer
3cColour test 1 Green shades and pale brown
3dColour test 1 mythprint
3eColour test 2 Brown and green
3fColour test 2 mythprint
3gAlternate colour mythprint Brown and brown
3hAlternate colour Purple and red
3iAlternate colour Plum and plum
3jAlternate colour Purple and brown
3kAlternate colour Bright purple and brown
3lAlternate colour Brown and light purple mythprint
445 Wad. Music to Die For. Shades of chestnut and grey
4mMythprint longer waist chain
4cColour test 1 Olive green and deep brown
4dColour test 1 mythprint
4eColour test 2 Olive green and grey
4fColour test 2 mythprint
4gAlternative colour Brown
4hCover with both stamps and CoA
4pPresentation folder with a pair of stamps in own brown envelope
4sA4 proof sheet
4lThe Big Thank You Envelope
55Bought at Wadstock label

image207 4p

image211 4l

image205 5

image213 4h

image215 4s

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