October 2008. The Dead Letter Office

A special stamp those postal items that for one reason or another cannot be delivered.

The stamp features Death in a beautiful decorative border.  Size 54 x 36 mm.  Printed in sheets of 15 without a mythprint.  The stamps have no denomination.

Single stamps were only available in a mounting card decorated with Dead Letter Office rubber stamps, as a certificate of authenticity.

A bonus item was a 1 x 1 miniature sheet in the Unclaimed Mail Little Brown Envelopes, which were signed by Colin Edwards and Alan Batley.

The issue was completed by a franked cover with signed certificate of authenticity and an A4 proof sheet showing the evolution of the stamp.  Sketches were taken from the original sketch pads that shuttled between the designers.  The sheet is completed by a series of designs that led to the final appearance. Included is a mythprint which differs only slightly from the released design in having different hatching on the scythe.

The issue date of item 2 is uncertain and the label is included here for completeness.


426 days2

The Dead Letter Office

SK NumberTypeDescription
11Single stamp in presentation folder. Black and purple
1sSheet of 15 stamps.
1msMiniature sheet of 1 stamp.
1cCover with franked stamp and CoA. Limited edition of 250
1pA4 proof sheet
1lUnclaimed Post LBE
22426 Days Left Until Halloween Label

image195 1

image193 1c

image199 1p

image197 1l

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