2009 St Valentine’s Day

A design based on the custom of giving flowers to a loved one on St Valentine’s Day.  The stamp shape is an irregular pentagon (which looks, to girls, like a cut diamond) depicting a rose, each with a label with a description of the symbolism of the colours.  Size (max) 47x39mm.  Perf 15.


Each sheet contains 12 stamps with labels; there are 6 red rose stamps and 1 each of the other colours.  There is also a sheet variation of one of the red rose stamps.


The stamps were accompanied by a limited edition black rose stamp in its own Death’s Kiss package.


The set cover came with a red rose stamp cancelled with an Isle of Vue frank, and a certificate of authenticity.  The Valentine’s card was in a limited edition of 50 and also had a red rose stamp cancelled with an Isle of Vue frank.


Associated with this issue was a packaging address label also with a red rose stamp cancelled with an Isle of Vue frank, and a pre-release label used on orders in October 2008 stating ‘Only 86 days left until St Valentine’s Day’.


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image173 40


2009 St Valentine’s Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
35321F red rose inscribed PASSIONATE DEVOTION
35vSheet variation inscribed PASSION AND DEVOTION
35pSingle 1F red rose stamp with label in a folder and envelope
35sSheet of 12 stamps
35tImperforate sheet of 12 red rose stamps and 8 black rose stamps with labels
35cCover with franked 1F red rose and signed certificate of Authenticity 100 issued
35vValentine’s card limited edition of 50 in cover with franked 1F red rose
35alIF red rose franked on address label
36331F Orange rose inscribed DESIRE AND ENTHUSIASM
37341F White rose inscribed INNOCENCE AND PURITY
38351F blue rose inscribed FANTASY AND PROBABILITY
39361F Purple rose inscribed DISCRETION AND CAUTION
40371F Pink rose inscribed ADMIRATION AND APPRECIATION
41381F Yellow rose inscribed WARMTH AND FRIENDSHIP
42391F Black rose inscribed REJUVENATION AND START ANEW
4340Pre-release advertising label inscribed ‘Only 86 days until St Valentine’s Day’



35s Sheet of 12 stamps


Death’s Kiss envelope


Single Red Rose stamp envelope


35c The cover


35al The address label


35v Limited edition cover


The card inside 35v


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