2017 St Valentine’s Day

2017 St Valentine’s Day

For the 2017 stamps the Isle of Vue Post Office chose the Friendly Bees as the theme for the stamps and associated artwork.  This species of bee, identified by the heart-shaped pattern on its thorax, is indigenous to Isle of Vue.  The humming of the wings helps to ignite the pangs of love in the hearts of the visitors to the island.

The stamp itself shows the bee on a flower, but the story is reflected in the motifs featured on the covers, with a young man and woman, both employees of the Laernu Post Office, who are brought together by the Friendly Bees.  The bees force them into each others arms, meeting up at the post office’s ornamental beehive.

There are four variant stamps with deliberate design differences.  There is a one variant stamp on the sheet, but it is too subtle to illustrate here.  However there is a mirrored bee image and a mirrored frame variant, and one showing the El Zeebub Bee.  This similar looking species, with a grinning skull replacing the heart, can switch off its hum and will sting anybody trying to break up a pair of lovers.  The full issue includes covers with normal and sheet variant stamps, an artwork proof sheet, a colour trials sheet, and copies of the background research-papers (although reading these is hampered by them being folded into an origami bee!).  The Valentines card shows a heart-shaped bee’s nest and includes a tête-bêche pairing of stamps.  All this implies printings of different sheets with these specialised stamps, which unfortunately are likely to be beyond the reach of collectors!  A nice touch is the linking back to the 2013 Vier-loben Clover stamps; the Friendly Bee’s favourite flowers.


62, 62v2, 62v3 and 62v4

62se  62ts

62c2 62cd





SK NumberTypeDescription
6255Friendly Bee 1F
62v1As above mirrored dots sheet variant
62v2As above Beelzebub Bee variant Forum members special
62v3As above mirrored bee variant full set special
62v4As above mirrored frame variant Early bird extra
62sSheet of 12 with on 62v1
62spcSheet of 12 missing one vertical perforation (3 only)
62sv1Sheet of 12 with 4 x 62 and 62v1 pairs, 3 x 62v2 and 1 x 62v4
62sv2Sheet of 12 with alternate rows of inverted stamps (theoretically exists)
62ms1Special mini-sheet of 62v2
62m62 in a presentation mount
62tt1Tête-bêche pair
62c1Standard cover with insert and 62
62c2Deluxe cover with insert and 62 and 62v1
62cdValentines card with tête-bêche pair of 62tt1
62cdeCard envelope with 62
62apA5 artwork proof sheet
62ap2As above in postcard format posted from Stampex with various Cinderellas
62ctColour test sheet of 12 in range of colours including one colour variant of 62v1
62e1Envelope for 62v2
62e2Envelope for 62ms1
62e3Envelope for 62v4
62rp1Research paper 1 folded into origami bee
62rp2Research paper 2 folded into origami bee
62rp3Research paper 3 folded into origami bee
62rp4Research paper 4 folded into origami bee

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