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Gerald has, over time, issued quite a wide range of GB cinderellas.  They are mainly based on unadopted essays but several are just straightforward fantasies.  Perhaps the best examples are the George V airmail stamps produced because Gerry feels that Britain should have had airmail stamps because everyone else did and the Military air post issues from World War I (I’ve included a Luftpost set here because it I didn’t want to split the two sets up).

I’ve tried to order the sets in some sort of logical timeline.  I admit to getting confused around the point of the Edward VIII wedding and coronation issues – where the alternative stamps veer into alternative history!


The penny black and twopenny blue frames with the Chalon head replacing the original cameo by William Wyon.  I’ve only seen this imperforate and with the corner letters GK.



Set of 11 to £1 with the Downey Head.  This also exists as imperforate proofs on card.

Old Vic

George V

Two first World War air sets have been produced (and one for Luftfeld Post which belongs here because of its style).  The first set of 10 is for general airmail and the second, which utilises 8 of the same designs but in monochrome, is Military Air Post.


GV Airpost1


GV Airpost2


GV Airpost3


These George V airmails seem to be from around 1920.  They exist in two formats – monochrome and bi-coloured.


GV Airs


In 1929 the Postal union Congress was held in London and a special issue produced to commemorate the event.  This set is produced from unadopted essays.  The only one I know of is the first of the £1 blacks which was submitted by E M Jackman.




GV PUChigh


Here is another George V set of 16 with the Downey Head.  The Half Penny and One Shilling stamps have two different shades.


GV Defins

Edward VIII

It would seem that, in remote areas of Suffolk, Edward VIII never abdicated and stamps were issued for Edwards wedding to Mrs Simpson, their joint coronation, and two definitive series.  The order of issue is questionable.

Definitive series 1.  14 values from 1/2d to £1

ED8 Defins

Royal Wedding

7 pairs in values from 1/2d to one shilling.  Edward and Mrs Simpson with in a tryptich with a central “W and E intertwined” label.

ED8 Wedding

Coronation.  12 May 1937

Set of 4 values from 1/2d to one shilling.

ED8 Coronation

2nd Definitive set.  15 values from 1/2d to £5.  Edward’s head in profile.

ED8 Defins2

Elizabeth II

Only two issues exist for Elizabeth in this series.  You’ll need to look into Gerry’s Elizatoria issues to see all the others.

Definitive series of 14 using the Annigoni head.  Values from 1/2d to £5.

QE2 Defins

2006 £5 value to commemorate Elizabeth’s 80th birthday.  Described by Gerry as “80th birthday horror”.  Certainly Elizabeth looks even more miserable than usual, if that is possible!  Only known overstamped “Specimen”

QE2 Eighty

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