2016 St Valentine’s Day

The 2016 Valentine’s Day stamp draws inspiration from the tropical side of the Isle of Vue, in the form of the Coco D’Amour.

Because of its heart shape and resemblance to the female form a mythology has built up regarding this large nut.  Forming on the female trees of the ‘Happy Palm’ it symbolises romantic love.  The male palm trees are said to uproot themselves in hot and thundery weather and search out the female palms. Unsurprisingly, there is now a black market in the nuts with unlicensed hunters searching them out.

The stamp was printed in sheets of ten, with the traditional variant stamp. There was also a pair of two stamp mini-sheets, one with an alternative variant and the other with an alternative colour. There was also a card (with a tête-bêche pairing of the stamps), a pair of covers, a colour test sheet, and artwork and design archive proof sheet. There is also a number of research papers showing the background to the ideas behind the stamp.

 35  61  35v1  61v1

 35v2  61v2


35s 61s  35ms1 61ms1


35ms2 61ms2  35m 61m

  35c2 61c2


35cd 61cd    35pc 61pc

  35ap 61ap


35ct  61ct

35e1 61e1  35e2  61e2


35e3 61e3   35rp3  61rp3


SK NumberTypeDescription
6154Coco D’Amour 1F
61v1As above inverted fronds variant
61v2As above missing mussel variant
61v3As above additional frond variant
61sSheet of 10
61cvAs 61 in blue
61ms1Special mini-sheet of 61 and 61v3
61ms2Early bird mini-sheet of 61 and 61cv
61m61 in a presentation mount
61vm61v1 in presentation mount
61c1Standard cover with insert and 61
61c2Deluxe cover with insert and 61v1
61cdValentines card with tête-bêche pair of 61
61tt1Tête-bêche pair of 61
61tt2Tête-bêche pair of 61 and 61v2
61tt3Tête-bêche pair of 61v2
61tt4Tête-bêche pair of 61v1 and 61v2
61cdeCard envelope with 61
61pcStampex postcard with tête-bêche pair 61 and 61v2 plus repro 1854 penny red
61apA5 artwork proof sheet
61ctColour test sheet of 10 in range of colours
61e1Envelope for 61m or 61vm
61e2Envelope for 61ms1
61e3Envelope for 61ms2
61rp1Research paper 1
61rp2Research paper 2
61rp3Research paper 3
61rp4Research paper 4
61rp5Research paper 5

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