Wonderland Christmas Cards

In the 1980s Gerald produced an Alice Christmas card which was available to purchase singly or in sets of four.  The main image was that of Alice posting a letter in e red, Victorian, post box.  The envelopes each bore one of four Wonderland adhesives with an appropriate postmark.  Later covers are known which only have a stamped cachet on the envelope.  The original Curiouser and Curiouser priced catalogue produced by Gerry King in 1982 includes these cards and the original catalogue artwork is used as an illustration below.




In October 2015 this original Christmas card was reworked, enlarged and issued again as a set of four cards and envelopes.  Each cover has the Alice postbox image together with two of the T38 Alice definitive issue stamps.  The stamps are tied to the cover by a Christmas Wonderland 2015 cachet.  The covers are signed on the reverse and stamped with a king’s head handstamp.  The cards are all identical and each signed inside by Gerry.


2015b 2015a






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