Ros Puffin Post

This issue was a private commission from a member of the Lundy Collectors’ Club who asked Gerry to design and print this set for his own personal use.  Gerry thinks about 30 sets were printed.

Gerry also printed “two or three proofs of each value and a few colour trials”. The proofs, as can be seen from the second scan below, are much deeper shades than the issued stamps.

Also produced was a small printing (about a dozen sets) of bi-coloured stamps.  These were the same values as the original set but with the frames a much deeper shade and the centres in black.  Not all the sets were perforated but the imperf number is unknown.

The colour trials were printed in three to five colours.  There was no trial of the 2 Gulden value.  All the trial issues in my possession have a king’s head stamp on the reverse and are signed.

















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