Hughes’ Zoo

Exclamation Mark Hughes came from a rich family and, having inherited the family fortune, travelled the world collecting animals.  In order to mitigate the drain on his resources of this collection, Mark decided to take his zoo to the people and, using the rainlways which had spread throughout Wales, he started his travelling zoo in 1895.

One of the many ways of making money was to sell postcards of the zoo but, for an extra penny, a souvenir stamp had to be bought with each one.  There were two issues; 1905 and 1907.  The earlier issue shows parades of animals where as the 1907 issue shows Ffanti the Elephant leaving her carriage at the sidings in Wrexham.

Also known to have survived from 1905 are test sheets of the stamps in different sizes and an advertising flyer that would have been distributed ahead of the zoo.

In 1907 Hughes succumbed to the diseases he had contracted in the tropics and the zoo was broken up.

Cardiff 398  Pembroke 399

Cardiff Castle

400 and 400v

Test Sheet 400s


401 and 402

Flyer 1905 403

Hughes' Zoo

SK NumberType Description
398313Green and Black - Cardiff parade
399314Purple and Black - Pembroke
400315Yellow-Brown and Black - Cardiff Castle
400vExtra bird variant
400sTest sheet of 4 stamp sizes
401316Olive-Green and Black (Gorilla in profile)
402317Olive-Green and Black (Gorilla in portrait)
4033181905 circus flyer

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