Black Cats

These appeared as envelope decoration when the Fourth Year Anniversary stamps for the Cinderella Stamps Forum were dispatched.  Colin has stated they are not stamps, but were used to test batches of paper with printing processes to see if a dark image would show detail, vivid text and smaller detailed text.  They are based on a vintage French design for Black Cat cigarettes.  They were nicknamed ‘catastrophes’.  All are found only in used condition.

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Black Cats

SK NumberTypeDescription
11Le Chat Noir cigarettes Feline Lucky?
22Cath Ddu Paent & Inc Du Fel Het Gwrach Yn
33Ten Lives Special Recipe Its your cat again
44Kitty Crunch Made from 100% recycled cat litter solids
4vKitty Crunch licky lips variant
55I Have Rabies Cats League International
66I Have Mites Cats League International
77I Have Fleas Cats League International
88I Have Worms Cats League International
99The Ugly Cat (black) We Buy and Sell
9vThe Ugly Cat (ginger) We Buy and Sell
1010Black Bush Wigs and hairpieces

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