Bahrain Camel Postman

In 1986 Gerry produced a design for a Bahrain-based collector.  The stamp was based on the long-running Sudan Camel Postman and was litho printed in sheets of 30 * 1 Piastre values.  Variants were centre inverted (frame upright); centre and frame inverted; no rider, no rider or camel and darker sky and sand.  At the moment the numbers issued are not known.  I don’t have images of all the stamps but do, unusually, own the printing plates as well as two blocks from the bottom right and top right of the sheet so I’m illustrating the stamp with those.


B3 B4

The stamps were redesigned in 2015.  The revised version, ink-jet printed by the El Fantasma Ghoria Printing Company,  is in two values, 1 and 2 Annas.  The originals were incorrect as the Indian Anna was used in Bahrain not the Sudanese/Egyptian Mils and Piastres.  The only known design variant is the missing postman.  I see that someone seems to have taken the hump.


A variant of each stamp is known printed on laser printer.  These can easily be identified by the much richer and darker colours.

Colour trials in Blue, Red and Brown are also known imperforate on thicker paper.


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