2007 St Valentine’s Day

A dual issue with a single 1F blue stamp matching the 1F pink from 2006, and a pair of Cabbage Heart stamps.  A packing label was also issued.

The 1F blue stamp measured 38x32mm and the Be Mine label 34×26 mm. Both were perforated 11.5

The Cabbage Heart stamps are inscribed MY HEART IS LIKE A CABBAGE DIVIDED INTO TWO THE LEAVES I GIVE TO OTHERS THE HEART I GIVE TO YOU. Size 31 x 34 mm.  The stamps were printed in sheets of 10, two of each stamp, with one variation per sheet.  The 2F variation had small hearts replacing diamonds in the top cartouches.  The 14F had a small heart between the ST and VA at the bottom.  Perforated 13 or imperforate.  Tête-bêche pairs of both values exist as well as pairs with one of each value, indicating the variety in the sheet arrangements – a sheet of 10, with the values alternating. Miniature sheets of 4 in a 2×2 arrangement were issued as well as a Valentine’s card in a franked cover.

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2007 St Valentine’s Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
30271F Turquoise blue
30cCover with franked 1F stamp and certificate of authenticity
30sSheet of 10
30siSheet of 10 imperforate
30si2Double sheet of 10 imperforate (as received from the printers)
3128Be Mine label. Brown
31cCover with franked Be Mine label and certificate of authenticity
31eExtra vertical perforation error
31sBe Mine label sheet of 10

image163 29 image16530

2007 St Valentine’s Day - Cabbage Heart stamps

SK NumberTypeDescription
32292F Cabbage heart. Cabbage red
32sSheet of 10 stamps
32vSheet variation - Hearts replacing diamonds
32tTete-beche pair
333014F Cabbage heart Cabbage green
33sSheet of 10 stamps
33vSheet variation - heart after ST.
32-33sSheet of 10 of both values alternating
32-33s1Double sheet of 10 imperforate (as received from the printers)
32-33cValentines card with stamped franked cover and certificate of authenticity
32-33msMiniature sheet two of each value

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