Classic USA

The scans below cover Gerald’s reprints of classic USA issues.  They were produced around the year 2000 using the best quality images Gerry could obtain from sources such as auction catalogues.  They are gummed and each issue is perforated accurately.  No more than 10 exist of any stamp.

The issue caused problems with eBay.  The auction site wanted them to be back-stamped to the effect that they are facsimile copies and would not allow them to be listed after one or two sets were sold.  Gerry always meant to get around to this but never did.  The problems account for the low number issued.

The first scan is of the 1847 – 51 imperforate issues and the subsequent 1857 perforated issue of the same designs.


The 1861 – 2 issue is shown here, together with an unadopted essay 1861 90c Washington in red and black.

Below that is the 1869 issue


The next page shows the issues of 1870 to 1882


Who would have thought that the 1890 issue was ever produced as a miniature sheet!


Here is the 1893 Columbian Expo set.  Very sought after by collectors.


In 1894 the definitive series was redesigned to include corner triangles.


Another very sought after commemorative set is the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Expo.  No less desireable are the examples of the 1901 issue with inverted centres, seen here followed by the new 1902 presidents definitive set.


Another rarity is to see unmounted mint blocks of 4 of USA classics.  Here are blocks from 1912.


Like many other countries USA was fascinated by the Zeppelin and the new horizons in travel it brought.  A set was issued in 1930 and here are four plate blocks of four.  Every collection needs one.


The 1918 Airmail set gave us one of the most famous stamps, the 24 cents “Inverted Jenny”.  Here it is along with the rest of the set and the subsequent 1923 airmail set.  Also Gerry has produced progressive proof versions of the 1930 Zeppelin set.


Finally we have the 1912 Parcel Post set with lovely images of the cutting edge technologies of the time.


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