Wonderland Commemoratives

Over the years there have been a number of  issues commemorating Wonderland anniversaries.  These are not postally valid in Wonderland but still form part of a complete Wonderland collection.

2015 was a double anniversary – 150 years since the publication of Alice in Wonderland and 50 years since the release of the first series of Gerald King’s Alice stamps.  There were originally only 36 designs, printed in black on coloured papers and half a dozen covers to and from characters in the book.  Between 1965 and 2000 several other releases of stamps and covers meant that the series ended up with over 200 stamps and over 50 covers.

150 Anniversary Issue.  This was released in January 2015 and was composed of a stamp containing a triptych of Wonderland stamps.  It was a signed and numbered limited edition of 50.

Alice 150 cover

The stamps were also available mint, off-cover.  Also seen are proofs on card of the stamp frame and the stamps without the central images of Alice.

Finally there are examples of the central triptych perforated to exclude the frame and also perforated between.   Only a few of these exist.

Alice 150 stamps

About a dozen sheets of the Anniversary stamp exist each with 4 stamps to the sheet.

Alice 150 sheet

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