Newfoundland Air Mails

Issued in 2003.  This is a set of fantasy Newfoundland Airmails based on essays produced in 1919 by Whitehead Morris and Co. Ltd.  They were to be used on a proposed service from Newfoundland to Montreal and Halifax.  The service never started and the stamps were never produced.

This issue by Gerry caused quite a stir when it appeared on eBay and an article in Linn’s Stamp Weekly tells the sorry tale.  Listed as “fantasy” stamps people decided to bid lots for them anyway and the listing was withdrawn when bidding reached £631 and the seller decided that this was silly for such a fantasy issue (although the leading bidder was content and wanted them as “forgeries”).  The Newfoundland Study Group became involved and became very uppity for no logical reason.  They even ensured that eBay de-listed an imperforate set a couple of months later on the ridiculous reason that the listings were “unethical on the grounds that they could be offered as genuine items at some future date”.  They need a good slapping; maybe when they make it into long trousers they will see sense but I suppose it’s all a compliment to the quality of Gerry’s work!


Another Newfoundland set was met with less angst.  This was produced in around 2010/11 and comprises 4 air mail stamps showing an airship of t he Newfoundland Airship Company.  No more than 6 sets exist.

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