Loveless Lighthouse

First Issued in July 2014

Tourism is the theme of July’s issues, with the revival of a poster first used in 1934, the only successful endeavour by an otherwise spectacularly useless special adviser.

The second stamp is the plan of the Island’s latest attraction, the ancient but newly refurbished turf labyrinth.

July lighthouse stamp 001 129  July cover 001 129c  July sheet 001 129s July labyrinth stamps 001 130s  July insert 001 131

Loveless Lighthouse

SK NumberTypeDescription
12914235p Loveless Lighthouse, multicoloured
129bGreen hair (Shirley Temple) beamer
129sSheet of 16
129cUsed alone on cover
1301437p Pharos Labyrinth, Turf Green on Light Green
130sse tenant vertical pair
131144Tourist Information Office insert

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