Tin Can Festival

First Issued, June 2014

June saw the inaugural Tin Can Games on Pharos, commemorating the bicentenary of tinned food on the Island.  When prototype tins of meat were brought ashore from a beached cargo ship, only the blacksmith could successfully open them with his sharpest chisels, a heavy-duty hammer and his second-best anvil.

The Pharos Beacon, the only surviving traction engine built on the island, is celebrating her centenary year and appears, in all her glory, in a 50p commemorative issue.

tin smith stamp 001 126  tin can smith sheet 001 126s

tin festival cover 001 126c june insert 001 128

june traction engine 001 127

Tin Can Festival

SK NumberTypeDescription
1261396p Tin Smith. Blue green on Cream
126bSmall tin (tinker) beamer
126sSheet of 20
126cUsed alone on cover
12714050p "Pharos Beacon". multicoloured
128141Pharos Island Transport insert

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