Tour de Pharos

First issued in May 2014

In the grand tradition of little-known facts, it is a little known fact that Pharos-specific penny, half-penny and farthing coins were accidentally minted from 1879 until 1944. Well, strictly speaking, the 1879-1884 coins were intended, and the rest were accidental, due to poor record-keeping at the Royal Mint. The start and end of this minting period is commemorated in stamp form.

The Tour de France may be starting in Yorkshire, but this pales into insignificance compared with the centenary of the Pharos Round the Island Race, a cycle race commemorated in a triangular stamp.

cycle square 001 122s  may cover 001 122c

may coins 001 123 & 124   may sheet 001 124s  may comp slip 001 125

Round the Island Cycle Race

SK NumberTypeDescription
1221355p Penny-Farthing, Red-Brown and Dark Grey on Cream
122sSquare of 4 5p triangles
122cUsed alone on cover
123136One-Farthing lighthouse, Bright Copper and Green
123b"Farting" beamer
1241371d lighthouse, Dark Copper and Green
124bExtra window beamer
124sSheet of 24 of 136 and 137 in alternate rows
125138Ellowes Photographic insert

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