As well as his major, and generally well-known, releases , Gerald King has often diverted his attention to one-off productions of subjects taking his fancy.  These will be covered here.  You should check back from time to time to see if I have added more issues.

USA – Mothers of America.  A block of 6 stamps.  Two different Mothers designs in se tenant strips of 3.


France.  Ile Chapeau.  Set of 12 featuring hats from 1900 – 1920s.  Values from 1f to 100f.


The Revenue Society 2000

In 2000 The Revenue Society commissioned Gerald King to produce and “essay” of what the Canada 1876 20c revenue stamp would look like if the design had been continued in to the reign of Elizabeth II.  The result was attached to the menu cards of the 2000 Philatelic Congress of Great Britain banquet.  The scan shows a strip of 5 from the top of the sheet with the centre stamp inverted.  The stamps are all overprinted with the initials PCGB  (as in Philatelic Congress of Great Britain).  Also shown are two pages from the PCGB brochure giving the detailed background.

Canada Essay

Canada Background

Canada Background2

The year 2000 was the 10th anniversary of the Revenue Society and Gerald produced a design for the occasion, based upon the Tudor and then Victorian revenue stamps (see the Tudor Stamps page).  The illustration shows a block of 6 with the bottom right stamp being inverted.

10 Anniversary

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