Spirit Mail

The Montgomery Paranormal Investigation Group is noted for its novel approaches to investigating the spirit world.  It has pioneered a number of groundbreaking visual and audio techniques at sites where hauntings are prevalent.  It took the opportunity to use some of the images from advanced camera techniques on a set of stamps for the Spirit Mail service it operates.  In order to offer believers in a spirit world who wish to communicate across the dimensions, and (some say) to raise funds, the Group has recruited a small number of helpful spirits as ‘postal workers’.  For a fee of £20 (at 2013-14 rates) a letter can be left at an appropriate haunted site.  When a spirit is manifest in our world, he or she collects the letter, delivers it and then returns it with a reply.

For those who are sceptical, not only has the envelope not been tampered with  but the replies often contain information that would only be known to those intimate with the letter writer.

The ‘postmen’ are chosen for appropriateness to the letter contents.  If it concerns financial matter the letter writer is instructed to leave the envelope for The Highwayman of Dolgellau at Minllyn Bridge.  For religious matters it is the Monks of St Iago-y-Coes who are employed.  When family matters are the subject it will be the Lost Child of Plas Talygarth.  For matters of love it will be The Lady in the Bath and the Curators of St Pinga’s Isle will deal with health questions.

This service is based upon belief, and letters from those who sceptical and those who try to test or disprove the existence of the spirits do not get collected and replied to, as evidenced by lack of franking on the stamp.  Sometimes the answered letters do not get retrieved.   Collectors of the Oddities were each sent one of these unopened envelopes. What secrets were enclosed may remain secret.

275 275  276 276

277 277  278 278  279 279

SK NumberTypeDescription
358275The Highwayman of Dolgellau
358dFace diabolo
359276The Monks of St Iago-y-Coes
359dUltra-puce diabolo
360277Lost Child of Plas Talygarth
360dEyes diabolo
361278The Lady in the Bath
361dGlowing 2 diabolo
362279Curators of St Pinga’s Isle
362dEctoplasm diabolo
363Any of the above on cover

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