The Berwyn Roswell Incident

In January 1974 near Bala in Mid-Wales there were lights flashing in the sky followed by earth tremors and a loud bang. Within hours the armed forces and ‘men in black’ arrived, but the military has always denied that a UFO crashed. However rumours of alien bodies being recovered still persist.

The philatelic interest lies in the use of MOD £1 revenue stamps on military communications, and a souvenir label.


Type 15


SK 23


Type 16

Berwyn Roswell Incident

SK NumberTypeDescription
2215£1 crimson MOD revenue stamp
22u£1 crimson used on cover (dated signature cancellation)
23£1 blue imperforate specimen MOD stamp (pair)
2416‘The Aliens are Here’ tourist label
24u Ditto used on cover (alien cancellation)

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