Pharos Pineapples

First issued April 2014

Pineapples have been in continuous cultivation on Pharos for 300 years.  The first examples were grown at Rufus Castle in a small hothouse built in the 1680s.  Pineapples were the symbol of luxury in the early 18th century and several attempts were made but it wasn’t until 1714 that edible fruits of adequate size were produced.  Descendants of the original pineapple plants are still held at the Botanical Gardens.

In the same year, 1714, Joseph Baygreaves – a ship’s carpenter – settled in Pharos and began to make musical instruments.  Examples of the early Baygreaves mandolins are highty prized and the first, made of rosewood inlaid with walrus ivory, is displayed in the Pharos museum.

Single 119  Sheet 119s  Cover 119c  Mandolin 120  Insert 121

SK NumberTypeDescription
1191324p Pineapple. Light Green, Dark Green and Pineapple
119bMirror image beamer
119sSheet of 20
119cUsed alone on cover
12013330p Baygreaves mandolin. Shades of lilac
121134Baygreaves & Co insert

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