Rufus Castle

First issued in March 2014

Rufus Castle, commemorated in the March issue, was largely built in the 14th century, with 15th, 16th and later additions.  The visitor centre was damaged during the storms of last winter and the castle, which was due to re-open to the public during March did not open until Easter.
March’s second stamp tells the tale of ‘King’ Anthony Hall, self-proclaimed descendant of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, who temporarily took up residence on Pharos when he was in danger of being arrested for treason and faced with a sentence of hard labour.  Significantly, his favourite image displays him with a lighthouse in the background.

March Rufus castle 001 116 March sheet 001 116s

March King Anthony 001 117 March cover 001 117c

March comp slip 001 118

Rufus Castle

SK NumberTypeDescription
1161293p Rufus Castle, Deep Reddish Violet & Grey-Lilac
116bExtra window beamer
116sSheet of 24
11713025p Anthony Hall. Yellow-Brown and Sepia
117cUsed alone on cover
118131Rufus Castle insert

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