Stormfield Rufus

First issued in February 2014

Stormfield Rufus, the second, and therefore redundant, member of the Rufus family, is celebrated in The February stamp issue.  Having loved and lost his ‘unsuitable’ childhood sweetheart he embarked on a life of indulgence and surfeit until, at the age of 70, he was reunited with his first love for a few brief but happy years.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the season of romance, the other Pharos offering for February is the Pharos Rose, a striped double form of the sweet briar.

Feb Stormfield 001 113  Feb sheet 001 113s   Feb cover 001 113c

Feb rose stamp 001 114 Feb mini sheet 001 114s Feb comp slip 001 115

Stormfield Rufus

SK NumberTypeDescription
1131262p Stormfield Rufus. Rose, Grey and Cream
113bShort Staff beamer
113sSheet of 16
113cUsed alone on cover
11412714p Pharos Rose. Green and Rose-Pink
114sMiniature sheet of 4
115128A. Balkin & Sons insert

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