Patience v Port Winstanley

Issued in January 2014

In 1914, after Pharoan representations to the Football Association (FA) to be allowed to enter the English football leagues, a friendly match was held between Patience and Port Winstanley.  This was to be in front of representatives of the FA.  Unfortunately the guests didn’t arrive until half time because of problems with the weather and landing their boat.   But they insisted that the match was restarted – resulting in a games of three halves.  Because of the problems with the sea crossing the FA decided not to include Pharos.  But the events of 100 years ago are commemorated on this month’s stamp.  There was also a rejected design with a much less tasteful multicouloured image.

The 14p stamp commemmorates the invention of the “Brass Monkey” by Christmas Makepeace, the owner of Pharos’ brass foundry.  The history of the metal founding on Pharos is the subject of a new display in the Museum and is advertised on this month’s insert.

Finally, don’t forget to renew your dog licence.

January football 001 108 January sheet 001 108s  January cover 001 108c

jan reject 001 109  january iron balls 001 110  January dog licence 001 111  Jan comp slip 001 112

Patience v Port Winstanley

SK NumberTypeDescription
1081221p Footballer Sepia & Grey
108sSheet of 16
108bBall beamer
108cUsed alone on cover
109123Rejected football design. No value. Multicoloured
11012414p Cannon Balls. Dark brown, Brass Monkey Brown and Ball Grey
1111012014 Dog Licence stamp. Blue-Black on Sage Green
112125"Founded in Pharos" insert

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