2013 – 14 Laernu Quadrants

A new issue of the Quadrants was hinted at during Spring 2013, however without release date set, nor definite plans.  Fantasy Stamp Designs on Facebook showed a teaser photo which stayed up only a few days, but examples of at least 5 of the stamps appeared as postal decoration soon afterwards.  At least one of these was perfinned 0613 suggesting a possible anticipated release date and the 1D has been seen with a perfin of a sloping C and two Stars of David.  Colin giving himself two stars perhaps?

These five stamps are valued in Dorises, as opposed to the Filises of the original set; hence their increased size of 31mm square.  Early in 2014 though, a new 1F value appeared on post and this was in the original 22mm size, and was printed in sheets of 18.  Its appearance was put down to that value being absent from the 2007 set.  At least one sheet, possibly three due to normal production, were mis-perforated with a missing line.


45s 46s

53 53  5454  55 55  56 56  57 57  58 58

2013-14 Laernu Quadrants

SK NumberTypeDescription
41531D hares green
41pf1Perfinned 0613
41pf2Perfinned C**
42542D teddybears claret
43553D scallops purple
44564D skate deep blue
44pfPerfinned 0613
45575D cauliflowers brown
46581F dragonflies black
46sSheet of 18
46piImperforate on 1 side
46spiPart imperforate block of 4
46bpiSheet of 10 missing perforation

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