The Story Eater

Issued in December 2013

December’s stamps commemorated the Story Eater, the mythical thief of a year’s memories, good, bad or indifferent, as well as the (pivotal) part played by Pharos in the creation of maritime signalling flags, saving lives and dispensing drinks party invitations in equal measures.

In addition this month saw the issue of 26 stamps showing Maritime Signaling Flags – which were also issued as a sheet and the designs were also included in the sponsorship insert from the Pharos Beacon.  The “W” flag has no value.  This has not been classed as a beamer because there are no reports of the stamp ever having included a value. An additional 12p stamp in red, white and blue shows a stylised lighthouse

As well as all this cornucopia of goodies a Season’s Greetings card was sent to subscribers from the Pharos Beacon.  The front had their first name spelled out using the flags.  It is assumed that each is unique.

story eater single 001 104  story eater mini 001 104s  story eater cover 001 104c

flag sheet 001 105s   flag comp 001 107 card 001 105g  pharos flag 001 106

SK NumberTypeDescription
10411813p, Chalky Pink, Green and Orange
104sSheet of 4
104bTypeface beamer
104cUsed alone on cover
105a thru z119Signaling flags - multicoloured 12p except for "W" which has no value
105sSheet of 26
105gGreetings card
10612012p Lighthouse in Red, White and Blue
107121Pharos Beacon insert

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