Stocking Fair

Issued in November 2013

November’s stamps record the dubious entertainments available over the years at the annual ‘Stocking Fair’, held on Pharos since at least the 12th century.   Trained monkeys were all the rage in the 18th century, while dancing bears were the hot ticket in the 19th century.  The ladies of easy virtue who were popular in every century did not get a stamp.

November’s extra (listed on the Pharos Extras page) marks the rarely recorded visit of John F Kennedy to the island in June 1963, five months before his still controversial assassination, and the unveiling of a memorial to this honorary Pharoan.

nov monkey 001 101  nov bear 001102 nov cover 001 102c  nov sheet 001 102s nov insert 001 103

Stocking Fair

SK NumberTypeDescription
10111511p Deep Rose and Grey. Monkey
101bMissing bell beamer
10211611p Deep Rose and Black. Bear
102bAn additional background figure beamer
102cSe tenant pair used on cover
102sSheet of 20 of 101 and 102
103117Jampions insert

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