Fiddler’s Tunnel and Pharos Fruit

First Issued in October 2013

October’s stamps record the jam-making qualities of two of the island’s exclusive fruit varieties: the Pharos Plum, with its legendary protector, the Plum Faerie, and the Patience Pippin, a skull-shaped apple much favoured for apple-bobbing at Hallowe’en.  On the basis that it’s not fit to eat, so may as well play with it instead.

The ‘Fiddler’ stamp commemorates the hapless (very, very pissed) musician who was persuaded by his equally fortified fellows to enter a cave system in search of reputed treasure in October 1813, and was never seen again.  But can still be heard, to this day.

oct fiddler stamp 001 97  oct cover 001 97c

oct plum stamp 001 98  oct apple stamp 001 99  oct sheet 001 99s

oct insert 001 100

SK NumberTypeDescription
9711145p Fiddler silhouette in Black and Pale Lemon
97cUsed alone on cover
9811210p Pharos Plum. Multicoloured but mainly Deep Damson
98bReversed stalk beamer
9911310p Patience Pippin. Deep Apple Red and Deep Damson. Mainly.
99bMissing leaf beamer
99sSheet of 24 of 98 and 99.
100114"Jampion" insert - Jam receipe

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