2013 St Valentine’s Day

The 2013 Valentine’s Day issue from the Isle of Vue was issued on the 6th February. The issue, entitled Luck in Love, is inspired by the Laernu childrens’ story of The Faer-Loben children.

Some lucky collectors received a scan of the original reference works which Colin used to aid the design of the stamps. They are annotated to indicate the references that would be used. We learn that the Isle of Vue is both small and beautiful, and lies off the western coast of Laernu. It is also extensively wooded. The story varies considerably, with both happy and tragic endings, but essentially it centres on a young boy and girl who have grown up together on their parents’ neighbouring farms. When they hear that their parents intend to move and they will be split up they resolve to run away. They make their way to the coast and there they find a boat which carries them to sea and eventually to the Isle of Vue. After the long journey they are only too happy to find shelter in a cave and sleep on a bed of the four-leaf clover – hence the Fier-Loben children. The Fier becomes Faer (as in Faerie) in some versions. Here the children live for many years, fed honey by the bees and water by the butterflies attracted from the scent of clover. They make flax clothes from clover fibre and make friends with the woodland animal; at least in the happier versions of the story.

The stamp design takes the four-leaf (or fier-loben) clover of the traditional stories using their heart shaped leaves for the Lucky In Love motto. It “features the ‘lucky’ four-leafed clover which grows prolifically on the Isle of Vue. Its heart-shaped leaves and the heady scent of its flowers make it very popular with visitors to the island, and it features in an annual celebration day when clover chains – similar to daisy chains – are made and worn by locals and tourists alike.” As the discerning Laernu philatelist expects there was a plethora of additional items and hidden extras. There were covers, an artwork proof sheet, mini-sheets of stamps, colour variants and, in a new twist, seven different photo-copies of the research pages used to plan the stamp. These included publications of the stories of the two children and the Flora used for the clover.

23 56

[Note: because of the multiple variations within this issue the variant stamps are listed individually, and where they occur in combinations]

2013 Valentine's Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
56491 Fillis purple, four leaf clover Lucky in Love
56v11 Fillis bee variant
56v21 Fillis caterpillar variant
56sSheet of 20 stamps including one bee variant
56m1Mini-sheet of single 1F purple (in mount and envelope)
56m2Mini-sheet of 1F, bee variant, caterpillar variant and Designer/Artist label
56apArtwork proof sheet A5
56cStandard cover with 1F stamp and numbered certificate of authenticity
56ccDeluxe cover with 1F stamp se-tenant with bee variant and numbered certificate of authenticity
56vValentine’s Day card featuring sleeping children, with colour variant stamp
56veEnvelope for card with 1F stamp
56ct1-4Colour trial sheet of 8 stamps, including colour variants - at least 4 different combinations
56eEnvelope for single stamp mini-sheet
56rp1-7Research paper photocopies annotated by the designer - 7 different
56cv1Salmon colour variant
56cv2Claret-mauve colour variant
56cv3Purple colour variant
56cv4Emerald colour variant
56cv5Deep green colour variant
56cv6Bright pastel green colour variant
56cv7Mid green colour variant
56cv8Pale ochre colour variant
56cv9Pale purple colour variant
56cv10Bright pink colour variant
56cv11Powder mauve colour variant
56cv12Powder pink colour and bee variant
56cv13Orange pink colour variant
56cv14Powder purple colour and mirror image variant
56cv15Purple-red colour variant
56st1Salmon colour variant + Claret-mauve colour variant se-tenant pair
56st2Purple colour variant + Emerald colour variant se-tenant pair
56st3Deep green colour variant + Bright pastel green colour variant se-tenant pair
56st4Mid green colour variant + Pale ochre colour variant se-tenant pair
56st5Pale purple colour variant + Bright pink colour variant se-tenant pair.
56st6Powder mauve colour variant + Powder pink colour and bee variant se-tenant pair
56st7Orange pink colour variant tête-bêche horizontal pair
56st8Powder purple colour and mirror image variant + Purple-red colour variant se-tenant pair
56st9Purple bee variant and Purple caterpillar variant tête-bêche
56stsSheet containing 1 each of 30st1-30st8 (or 30cv1-30cv15)
56pct1Imperforate sheet with 8 colour and design variants
56pct2Ditto but different combinations

30v 30va


30c 30ca


30cc 30cca


30pct1 56pct1  30pct2 56pct2  30ct 56ct  30sts 56sts  30m2 56m2

30m1 30m1a


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