Grace Darling Anniversary

First issued in September 2013

September’s stamp commemorates the 125th anniversary of Grace Darling’s heroic actions in rescuing survivors of a wrecked steamship.  Grace is probably the world’s most famous lighthouse resident.

The extra stamp is issued to celebrate Pharos zoo’s latest additions.  To everyone’s surprise including, apparently, her own, giant panda Lai Taos has given birth to twin cubs Ang Ling and Phar Ming.  Mother and cubs are doing well.  The father was not available for comment.

grace d stamp 001 94  sept sheet 001 94s  sept cover 001 94s  panda colour 001 95  sept insert 001 96

Grace Darling Anniversary

SK NumberTypeDescription
941089p Brown and Dark Brown, Grace Darling
94sSheet of 20
94bPhapos beamer
94cUsed alone on cover
95109£1 Black, White and Green Panda
96110Pharos Zoological Society insert

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