First issued in August 2013

August is a good month to spot Euscorpius Pharoensis, the small, shy and essentially harmless Pharoan scorpion which is illustrated on this month’s stamps. This sub-species in intimately associated with the history of banana consumption on the island.

The International Lighthouse Weekend was celebrated on 16 to 18 August with a programme of events loosely associated with the sea and seafaring, many of which were sadly afflicted by inclement weather.

scorpion single 001 91  scorpion sheet 001 91s

ilw stamp 001 92  aug cover 001 92c

ILW ticket 001 93


SK NumberTypeDescription
911058p Carmine scorpion
91sSheet of 20
91bLeg beamer
92106£1.50 Red White and Blue International Lighthouse Weekend
92cUsed alone on cover
93107ILW admission ticket

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