Puffin Protection

First Issued in July 2013

A puffling – as any fool knows – is a young puffin.   July’s stamp celebrates not only the time of year when pufflings launch themselves off cliffs to find out if they can fly, but also the 50thanniversary of the Pharos Puffin Protection Society, which organises teams of volunteers to stand at the bottom of cliffs holding blankets in case they can’t.  (No it doesn’t, though this was actually suggested by one particularly earnest young man at a recent PPPS meeting.)

July’s other stamp features Nefertiti’s Needle, the obelisk that was shipped safely all the way from Egypt and then accidentally broken in two on arrival in Port Winstanley. One half sank and was not retrieved for nearly 30 years.

puffin single 001 87  puffin cover 001 87c

puffin sheet 001 87s  nefertitis needle 001 88  dl july 001 89

July insert 001 90

Puffin Protection

SK NumberTypeDescription
871037p Green - Fratercula Pharis
87b"On the rocks" beamer
87sSheet of 22
87cUsed alone on cover
887p Green - Nefertiti's Needle
89101Dog Licence Stamp. Black on pink.
90104Friends of the Obelisk insert

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