Pharos Wyrm

First Issued in June 2013

The June sheet recognises the revival of interest in the Pharos Wyrm, which allegedly spends midsummer day soaking up the sun on a secluded beach somewhere on the island. The new Wyrm Appreciation Group has formed with the intention of staking-out all the beaches in the hope that something answering to the Wyrm’s description will make an appearance. The researchers will be suitably equipped for the task: cameras, notebooks, binoculars, SP Factor 35, towels, barbecues, beer….

The cover stamp commemorates the centenary of the death of Emily Davison, the militant suffragette who ran into the path of the King’s racehorse and died four days later of her injuries. A letter has recently come to light from Davison to Frances Rufus, which makes clear her intention to visit Pharos later the same month, adding to the evidence that she had not intended to kill herself.

In June 1853 it became mandatory to buy an annual licence for keeping a dog on Pharos. This was in the form of a card to which a stamp was affixed. The original design – a St. Bernard – has been retained ever since and is now marking its 160th anniversary.

dragon stamp 001 83  june dragon sheet 001 83s ed stamp 001 84  june cover 001 84c  dog 001 85  licence 001 85l  june comp slip 001 86

Pharos Wyrm

SK NumberTypeDescription
83996p Purple and Grey
83b"Hop-a-long" beamer
83sSheet of 21
8410041p Emily Davison in Suffrage Movement purple and green
84cUsed alone on cover
85101Dog Licence stamp. Black
85lDog Licence with stamp attached for 2013
86102Wyrm Appreciation Group insert

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