St Drogo’s Church Appeal

What do you do when a few ewes and their lambs appear in the village churchyard and no-one claims them. This is the question posed to the parishioners of Llantrogo. Well, they decided to let them be and help keep the grass trimmed. But what do you do when many more join them, including large rams, and these new sheep not only take over the church, but attack anybody who ventures into the churchyard. They get a vet from the Bo Peep Sheep Sanctuary to shoot them with tranquilisers, but he is attacked and hospitalised. The Druid Court and the Bishop insist on a peaceful negotiated solution, so the villagers have no choice to fly in the world’s greatest sheep whisperer from New Zealand, and so set up an appeal fund. This happened back in 2004 and is still not achieved its target. Booklets of Appeal seals were part of the fund raising

No-one knows where these sheep have come from or why they are behaving like this, but many outlandish and bizarre theories have been proposed. They may be drawn there by the prophecy Drogo made taht he would return one day, and that day is imminent. Or is is because the church is built where Ceredig Bighorn, the warrior sheep who battled the Saxon invaders, is buried. His ghost is said to appear there once a year. Could it be the fulfillment of prophecies made in the Book of Taliesin and by Nostrodamus that a new order will arise in Wales with the sheep in command. Or are these sheep somehow linked to the UFO crash known as the Berwyn Roswell Incident.

The stamp booklets originally sold for 50p but this has risen to £2 now. There are four full colour stamps; two showing the sheep in the churchyard, one with the mysterious mural in the church of St Drogo’s grave, and lastly the ghost of Ceredig floating above the pews in the church

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St Drogo’s Church Appeal

SK NumberTypeDescription
316234Mad ewe and llambs
317235Guardian rams
318236St Drogo death mural
319237Ceredig Bighorn’s ghost
320238Booklet of four stamps
320i238Booklet with one inverted stamp (mega rare)

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