Smocks and Horns

First Issued May 2013

Tradition is highly regarded on Pharos, so new traditions are invented on an almost daily basis. One of the slightly older traditions is the wearing on May Day of the traditional Pharos smock, embroidered with images that represent the traditional Pharoan way of life: herding sheep, fishing, looking after lighthouses, manly embroidery.

These pursuits are recorded in one of May’s stamp issues.

In poor visibility lighthouses have an obvious deficiency – you can’t see them. A problem recognised by Ichabod Kensington Rufus in the early 19th century, who endeavoured to invent the foghorn, but only succeeded in contriving a horn for playing Jars Music. We can only wonder what became of it. But at least the prototype foghorn, and the blueprint of the building from which it would be sounded, are commemorated in the May stamp issue.

smock stamp 001 78  smock mini 001 78S

pharoph stamps 001 79 and 80  pharophone sheet 001 80s

beer label 001 81  may comp slip 001 82

Smocks and Horns

SK NumberTypeDescription
78945p Green and Black Pharoan Smock
78s5p Green and Black Pharoan Smock in miniature sheet of 4
78cUsed alone on cover
7995£1 Blue, Pharaphone
8096£1 Blue Pharaphone Tower
80sSheet of 30 in se tenant pairs
8197Old Pharaphone beer bottle label
8298Old Pharaphone insert

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