Welsh Pork

In the early 1960s there was an advertising campaign by the Welsh Pig and Pork Co-operative to promote pork and pork products.  It was felt that too many people equated Wales with Welsh lamb to the exclusion of other meats.  But pigs were always there, as evidenced by the number of place names in Wales which reference pigs.

Part of the advertising firm of Banw & Banw strategy was a set of stamp postal labels to promote pork using the odd fact that if you look at an outline of the British mainland map (and squint a bit) you can see the image of an old witch riding a pig.  The pig’s head is of course Wales.  Norfolk, Great Yarmouth in particular, dispute the analogy (- but see the postscript below).  The stamp design features a photo of a pig’s head overlying a vintage map of Wales, with a number of slogans designed to appeal to all walks of life

As well as these slogan stamps, it seems there were some further stamps featuring some traditional and new dishes featuring Welsh pork products.  This newspaper (source unknown) clipping suggests that these stamps were part of a wider campaign.  Any further information on them would be appreciated. amongst the dishes featured is Happy Breakfast, Trotters Orientale, Brawn on rye crispbreads and black pudding wellington.  There are probably more.

Postscript:  Norfolk was previously mentioned. Examples of a copycat stamp occasionally appear, apparently advertising Norfolk pork, with a picture of the rear end of a pig overlying this low-lying county.  Whether this is was an attempt to hi-jack a successful campaign, or to parody the original and poke fun at Great Yarmouth is unknown.  Has anybody got a copy of one of these stamps in their collection?

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Welsh Pork

SK NumberTypeDescription
302220Wake up to Welsh Bacon
303221Get a Bellyful. Welsh Bellypork
304222Don’t say Baaaa. Just say Oink
305223Tender Welsh Pork from the Valleys
306224Welsh Hill Pork for the Connoisseur
306dHill Pork diabolo

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