The Lost Tapestry of Harold Rex

First issued in April 2013

It is a well-known fact* that the final 1.5 metres of the Bayeux Tapestry is missing.  Or was never completed.  Less well-known is that it would have recorded the recovery of King Harold’s corpse by his supporters, their flight (by sea) to Pharos, the burial of Harold on the island, and the Norman pursuers’ inability to find Pharos.  Which is a lot of information to cram, in embroidery form, into 1.5 metres, but this has been reconstructed and commemorated in stamp form.

Despite being embroidered by nuns, the original Tapestry contains images that are distinctly un-nun-like. This lewd tendency has been almost eradicated in the reconstruction.

The other April issue records the ‘shower of fish’ that beset Pharos in 1763.

Subscribers were also treated to a free tea bag containing tea (obviously) and dried Mentha Pharata, a sweet and mellow flavoured member of the mint family unique to Pharos.

*Possibly a factoid.

bayeux stamps 001 72 – 75

april bayeux cover 001 75c

bayeux 001 75s

rain of fish 001 76

april comp 001 77  tea bag 001 78

Lost Tapestry of Harold Rex

SK NumberTypeDescription
72874p Mulicoloured. "Harold Corpus"
73884p Multicoloured "In Insula"
74894p Multicoloured "In Navicvla"
74bStreaker beamer
75904p Multicoloured "Sed Insvla"
75ssheet of 32 in 8 se-tenant blocks of 4
75cBlock of 4 used on cover
75bsMiniature sheet of 8 large format stamps - 2 blocks of 4 with central gutter.
769140p Brown and scaly grey, shower of fish
7792Spalwart's Mint Tea insert
7893Mint teabag with Spalwart's label

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