Chocolate Gala Fundraising Day

First issued in March 2013

March’s fundraising Gala at the Botanical Gardens raised nearly £80,000, in large part thanks to the interest in home-grown cocoa paste, derived from the Gardens’ very own Theobrama Cacoa plants, one of which had produced 11 ripe pods. This horticultural feat is commemorated on the March 2013 stamp. Sadly, the gum is not chocolate flavoured.

Joshua Wormwood’s somewhat flattering portrait of Lady Emma Hamilton commemorates the bicentenary of her brief sojourn on Pharos.

choc 3p 001 69  mar fdc 001 69c  theo sheet 001 69s

eh 001 70  hhh insert 001 71

Chocolate Gala Fundraising Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
69843p Theobrama Cacoa plant multicoloured
69bBean beamer
69cUsed alone on cover
69sSheet of 24
708515p Lady Hamilton multicoloured
7186Hamilton House Hotel insert

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