Port Winstanley Museum of Seafaring

First Issued February 2013
To chime with the loveheart-fest that February has become, the Postal Service issued stamps based on two designs from Elijah Gaspard’s albums of tattoo motifs. First used in his harbourside Gentleman’s Tattoo Salon, opened in 1913, the albums are now held in Port Winstanley’s Museum of Seafaring.

The Longship stamp recalls the Viking husband and wife team who founded – or rather, re-founded – Pharos, and who seemed to have some affinity with lighthouses.

And the Seahorse takes us back, once again, when stamps were stamps and men were glad of it.

£3 seahorse 001 64  1p tat 001 65  2p tat 001 66  Feb FDC 001 66c   tattoo sheet 001 66s Longship 001 67  cocktail insert 001 68

Port Winstanley Museaum of Seafaring

SK NumberTypeDescription
6477£3 Seahorse, Chocolate and Latte.
65801p Lighthouse tattoo - brown, red and lusty pink
65bSilhouette beamer
66812p Heart tattoo - Red, brown and lusty pink
66c65 and 66 in pair on cover
66sSheet of 24 of 65 and 66. Alternate rows of 4 of each denomination.
678250p Ornolf Rufus' longship. Reddish Brown and brownish red
6883Lighthouse Lovers' Cocktail insert

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