Huw Puw Caru’s Stamps

Caru was a rather obscure Welsh author. He has previous associations with the Welsh Philatelic Oddities series, with the Unusual Welsh Plants regional commemoratives inspired by some of his Shortest Stories, and the Fairy Tales which inspired a set of poster stamps.

He was however a rather singular fellow, who believed that everyone was entitled to his opinion. An his opinion was unbending in favour of himself; always. One of his many objections I life was having to pay postage for letters which others had instigated. Others included the press, solicitors, the courts, police and agents. Mostly people who, in Caru’s words, were deluded into thinking they has some sort of authority over him.

Consequently, during a weekend away with a like minded artist, he came up with the idea of non-stamps. He would use these on his post, and if the addressee wanted a reply they would have to pay the postage; in fact double postage as was the rules in those far off days. Some of his letters have been found with the elusive Welsh 4d Postage Due. Four stamps were prepared, each with a target addressee.

You can read more about Caru; his life and his stories at

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Huw Puw Caru's Stamps

SK NumberTypeDescription
297215Charity and begging letter stamp - Beggars Blue
297dSapped emblems diabolo
298216For courts and police - Putrid Purple
298dEarring diabolo
299217For agents and press - Rotten Ochre
299dBeauty spot diabolo
300218Parasites (for solicitors) - Penicillin Green
300dSpades for hearts diabolo
3012194d Welsh Postage Due - Deep Green

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