Centenary Issue 1913 – 2013

First Issued January 2013

Far from being a remote backwater, Pharos has a surprising reputation for having a finger in the pie of history. Its trend-setting ways resulted in a classic stamp in January 1913, months before the Royal Mail picked up the design.

And one of its sons, who would later become a renegade and Barbary pirate, designed improvements to the island’s main harbour which would enable the tourism industry to be kick-started, allowing the likes of J M W Turner to visit.

january seahorse single 001 61  january cover 001 61c

january seahorse sheet 001 61s  january comp slip 001 62

january turner 001 63

SK No.TypeDescription
6177£2 Sea-spume blue
61sSheet of 12
61cUsed alone on cover
61bFlipped lighthouse-base beamer
6278Turner Gallery insert
63791P Stormy

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